Drop off & Collection

Drop off

If you are dropping your child off in the morning, please wait in the front play area until a staff member comes out to ring the bell and announce the start of the day. If you are dropping off at noon, please wait outside the gate until a staff member comes to unlock it.

We will support your child to walk up the ramp to be greeted by Mandy, the preschool manager. When your child enters the building, staff will help your child to hang up their coat and belongings on their peg. This all helps your child to build independence and prepare for primary school.

Obviously things are different if your child is new, or needs your help settling. If that is the case, please feel free to come in to the Green Room and sit down with your child if that’s what they need! It is not uncommon for children to be unhappy when they first start at a new setting. Our staff are experienced in helping children to settle, and will phone you if your child doesn’t settle once you have left after an appropriate period of time.

Late arrivals & Early collection

We understand that not everyone can make it here for 9am (or noon for the afternoon session). Late arrivals aren’t a problem; please bring your child to the gate, ring the bell, and a member of staff will help your child into the building and get them settled. This limits disruption to the other children in the session.

We aim to have the outside gate locked by 9.15am (or 12.10pm for the afternoon session). This means that we can get all activities and toys out, ready for the children to go outside to play.

If you need to collect your child early, let staff know in advance with a Sharing Information Form. This can be found here. Alternatively, paper copies are available when you drop your child off at Pippins. Ring the bell when you arrive – staff will get your child ready and bring them out to you.


When it’s time to collect your child, please wait at the front gate for a member of staff to open the gate. You then walk through to the Green Room, where a staff member will call your child’s name and they will then be marked out of the register. This signals the end of Pippins’ responsibility of your child.

Please don’t forget to collect your child’s water bottle and other belongings, and check your child’s drawer for any notices or artwork!

Pippins Preschool is responsible for your child from the moment they enter the building until we hand them over to you upon collection in the Green Room. We are not responsible for any accidents or incidents that take place on preschool grounds while your child is in your care.

Promoting a Healthier, Greener Community

The road outside of Pippins is quite small, with limited parking. We ask all our families, whenever possible, to come to Pippins by foot, cycle or scooter. A small cycle rack is provided outside our gate if you wish to leave your child’s bike or scooter when you drop them off. Please note that this cycle rack is not fixed to the ground and will be removed each evening. Items are left at your own risk and Pippins accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged items. If you wish to seek more secure cycle parking, permanent cycle racks are available around the corner from Pippins on the Lynton Way Recreation Grounds.