Fees & Funding

During Autumn and Spring terms (September – April) children may attend Pippins for a maximum of 24 hours per week. This equals 4 full days, or 8 sessions. During the Summer term (April – July), that cap on hours is lifted and children may attend a full 30 hours per week, which is 5 full days, subject to availability. For all terms, a maximum of 21 hours (7 sessions) can be on a funded basis. This is to ensure as many children as possible are able to access our sessions.

Our Fees from September 2023

£20.50 Regular invoiced session (3 hours)
£22 Extra session (outside of your child’s regular weekly hours)
£4 Special activity session supplement Music and Sports
£5.50 Special activity session supplement Forest School (alternate weeks)
£35 Non-refundable administration fee (paid when your child first registers at Pippins)
£12 Per term snack fee (for children who attend morning sessions)



All children receive funding for 15 hours per week (5 sessions at Pippins) the school term after they turn three years old. This is Early Years Universal Funding. Some children may be eligible for more than 15 hours of funding, this is called Extended Entitlement, or 30 hours funding (because that’s the maximum number of funded hours that the government allows per week).

Please see the table below to help you determine when your child will be eligible for funding, based on when their birthday falls during the year.

Your Child’s Birthday Term When Funding Begins
1 Sept – 31 Dec Spring term (January start)
1 Jan – 31 Mar Summer term (April start)
1 Apr – 31 August Autumn term (September start)

It is also worth noting that some children may be eligible for funding before they turn three, called two-year old funding.

Pippins is also happy to accept tax-free childcare account payments, and the old system of childcare vouchers for those families who are already registered with a childcare voucher account.

To find out what sort of funding your child may be entitled to, please visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

At Pippins, you can claim up to a maximum of 21 hours of funding per week. This is 3.5 days, or 7 sessions, at Pippins. This funding can be used for any available regular sessions (not Early Birds sessions), without restrictions. Funding is used in term-time only (38 weeks per year). Pippins is not open outside of term time. You may split your funded hours between multiple settings: please do let us know if you plan to do this, as it affects how much we can claim.

Special Activity Sessions

Pippins offers 4 special activity sessions throughout the week. These include Forest School, Music, and Sports. Please see below for a timetable of when these sessions run, or click on the links to learn more about what these sessions entail.

Due to the extra costs involved in providing these sessions, we ask for a supplement as detailed above, regardless of whether your child is attending on a funded or invoiced basis.

Monday AM: Sports session run by JS Sports & Education

Wednesday PM: Music session run by Jackie from Musical Bumps

Thursday AM: Forest School session run by one of Pippins’ qualified Forest School leaders