At approximately 12.15pm the children are called to wash their hands for lunchtime. They then go and sit where their plate or lunchbox is and wait until everyone is sitting before starting their food.

Seating is arranged so that children mix socially, perhaps sitting with someone they do not normally play with. A staff member sits at every table and will chat to the children and encourage good table manners.

We ask and encourage children to eat their main meal before yoghurts, fruit before crisps or treat and so on. We don’t let children eat treat items without having eaten some savoury first. We do not allow children to swap or share food items.

Children are encouraged to eat as much of their lunch as they can. At 12.50pm, children tidy their plate or lunch box and go to play. Those still eating are encouraged to finish and tidy up by 1pm.

Children are very active during the day at Pippins, and need a good lunch! However, we know that children at this age can be picky. You may wish to order hot lunches for your child, as many children will be happy to eat new foods when they see other children enjoying them. Pippins’ hot lunches are specifically designed for young children, to provide all the nutrients they need for an active day at preschool. Our current menu can be viewed here.

If you’d prefer to send your child with a packed lunch, here are some lunchbox ideas:

Packed Lunch Ideas

Main course item: sandwich, filled wrap, bagel, or pitta bread and hummus, etc.

Fruit or vegetables: cucumber, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, apple slices, banana, etc.

Treat: popcorn, yoghurt, cake, jelly, malt loaf, etc. Please don’t forget a spoon!

Drink: water is best, but juice is okay with a meal. No fizzy drinks please.

Sandwich fillings: We realise that this may be a whole new area, especially if your child is a fan of peanut butter or Nutella! Here are some favourite fillings: jam, meat slices, vegetarian meat-type slices, honey, chocolate spread (without nuts), hummus, cheese (cheddar, spreadable cheese like Laughing Cow or Philadelphia, other varieties of cheese).

The benefits of a healthy balanced diet are well reported and it is important to introduce a variety of nutritious foods to our children at an early age. If meal times are a struggle, we can help!