We offer a weekly music session at Pippins, on a Wednesday afternoon. This, along with Forest School and Sports, make up the weekly rota of Special Activity Sessions which are available to your child. We ask for a supplement these sessions, due to the extra costs involved in providing this experience at Pippins.

Our weekly music session is led by Jackie from Musical Bumps. Jackie has a strong background and training in music and performing arts, and this really comes through in her interactions with the children. They adore her sessions, which are always full of laughter and fun.

Musical Bumps at Pippins provides a learning-rich experience full of singing, percussion and fun. The activities we do support all areas of the curriculum. Key musical skills and concepts are learnt and practised, as well as listening skills, focus and attention. Musical Bumps sessions lay a solid foundation for future instrumental lessons and help prepare children for their school days to come.