Morning Snack

Covid-19 Update

Please note that due to restrictions in place to combat the spread of coronavirus, morning snack will be served in individual bowls to each child, rather than buffet style. We ask that parents DO NOT send their child in with items for morning snack at this time – all snack items will be provided by Pippins. If you would like to contribute to the cost of providing this snack, a voluntary donation of £5 per half term would be appreciated.

We have a morning snack bar available between 9:45 – 10:20 every day.

During snack time, your child may be offered fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, rice cakes, crackers, milk, or water. During the Summer term, the children plant and grow vegetables, which they are then given the opportunity to taste at snack time.

We encourage children to make independent choices about which snack items to put on their plate, and to try new foods that they might not have had before. Recently, one child pointed at a pineapple and said ‘What’s that?’ When we explained it was pineapple, he said he wasn’t sure about pineapple but agreed to have a little try. ‘Okay, I’ll take just the one piece so that there’s some left for my friends!’

Children who are attending a morning session are asked to contribute to our snack bar by bringing in a piece of fruit or vegetable (that can be eaten raw), and to put this in the basket on arrival. Dried fruit is welcome, but no nuts please! All contributions are then cut up to be shared amongst all the children.

If bringing in a fruit or vegetable every day is too difficult, we welcome a donation instead – such as £5 every half term. This then goes towards the food that we buy for snack time.

Children should bring in a named water bottle every day, containing water only. A flask of fresh water is available for refills.