What to Bring to Pippins


Please make sure that EVERYTHING your child brings to Pippins is labeled with their name! This includes underwear, socks, shoes, mittens, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. Pippins has an affiliation with Stikins Labels. If you choose to order labels for your child’s things through Stikins, Pippins will receive a commission, which we can put towards the purchase of new resources for our preschool. To order labels from Stikins, please visit www.stikins.co.uk and enter Pippins’s code: 35489. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Weather-appropriate Clothing

Please send you child to Pippins wearing clothing appropriate to the weather. This means that your child will need welly boots and rain coats for wet days; winter coats, hats and mittens for cold days; sun hats and sunscreen in the summer. Please apply your child’s sunscreen before the session begins. On very wet days, we encourage children to change out of welly boots into ‘indoor shoes’ or plimsolls while they are playing inside.

Change of Clothes

Please ensure that your child always has a complete change of clothes at Pippins. This can live in a bag on your child’s peg; it does not need to come and go with you after every session. Not only are children at this age prone to toileting accidents, they will also have access to a variety of messy play activities each day at Pippins. Spare clothes are essential!

Water Bottle & Lunch

Children should bring in a named water bottle every day, containing water only. A flask of fresh water is available for refills throughout the day. If your child is coming for the afternoon, they should also bring a packed lunch.


Comforters or dummies are welcome if your child would be upset without them. Please label them with your child’s name as we do occasionally get duplicates! When they’re ready, we encourage children to put it in their drawer for safe-keeping.

Something to Tell

We also invite children to bring in things like a postcard, photograph of a new pet, swimming certificates, a special shell, or a keepsake from a wedding. We encourage them to show their item at circle time and speak about their memory.

However, please do not bring toys or cuddly toys in, as it is impossible for us to keep them separate from our own toys and we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged personal items!

What To Bring Checklist