3D Paper Flowers


17th April 2020 8:00 am

Brighten up your home with some 3D paper flowers that your children can make themselves (with some adult support). All you will need are some coloured pieces of paper, scissors, glue, and either some drinking straws or a bit of clear tape.

1. Choose whichever colour paper you’d like to use for the petals (feel free to mix and match with lots of different colours – even wrapping paper will work to give you patterned petals). Cut the paper in half lengthways.

2. Support your child to cut strips from the paper.

3. Get your child to glue the two ends together for each paper strip, so that the top forms a loop. Your petals are now ready.

4. While the petals take a moment to dry, choose another colour paper and cut two matching circles for the flower centre.

5. Now get your child to glue the flat ends of the petal loops to the centre of one of the circles.

6. When all the petals have been glued down, flatten the end of a straw and glue that to the centre of the circle as well. This will be the flower stem. If you don’t have any straws, tightly roll up some more coloured paper and use a bit of tape to hold it together.

7. Lastly, glue the second circle onto the flower centre to cover up all of the ends of the petals and stem.

Make a bunch of different coloured flowers with your child and put them in a vase to display!

Check out the video below from Retouch Paper & Crafts to see these instructions step-by-step.