Alphabet Water Balloon Toss


13th April 2020 8:00 am

Help your child practice their phonics with this great Alphabet Water Balloon Toss game from Primary Playground. Use some chalk to draw some letters (you may want to choose the letters of your child’s name, or whichever ones they are currently learning to recognise) onto your driveway, patio or the pavement outside your house. Draw a circle around each letter (tip: make the circles large and spaced well apart to help your child aim). Then give your child water balloons or a sponge and water bucket, call out a letter sound, and have them toss the balloon/sponge to see if they can hit the right letter!

If the weather doesn’t suit getting a bit wet outside, you can also try an indoor version of this activity with the letters written on paper and soft toys to toss.

For help pronouncing the phonetic sound of each letter as your child will learn them in school, watch this video featuring Mr. Tumble from CBeebies.