Copy Me Colour Blocks


15th April 2020 8:00 am

Check out this brilliantly simple copycat game from Basteln Ideen und Anleitungen (Craft Ideas & Instructions). All you need are some different coloured pieces of paper, a bit of space on the floor, and some tape.

Lay out two identical ‘stations’ with the coloured paper. The two stations should be facing each other, and taped down, so they don’t move. The large white paper in the middle helps create a ‘home base’, but is not crucial for the game. Then you take one station and your child takes the other. Take turns touching a series of colours for the other to try to copy.

The video demonstrates this game with 7 different colours and some quite complex sequences, but you may choose to start with just four colours and much shorter sequences as your child gets the hang of it. You can play with your hands or, for a more active version, try playing standing up and jump onto each of the colour blocks. This is a game that can be played over and over and made more challenging for different age groups.


Einfache Idee zum Nachmachen und der Spaß dabei ist garantiert!! 🙂 Geeignet für alle Altersgruppen.

Hier werden gleich mehrere Fähigkeiten auf einmal trainiert; Gedächtnis, Koordination, Mittellinienkreuzung, Spiegelung, kreatives Denken, Vergnügen, Verwirrung und insbesondere werden verschiedene Verbindungen im Gehirn gleichzeitig beansprucht.

Posted by Basteln Ideen und Anleitungen on Friday, 3 April 2020