Egg Splatter Art


8th April 2020 8:00 am

Feeling cooped up at home? Let your children take out their frustrations on this cracking activity.

When you use eggs, be careful to crack them by hitting them on the point, rather than cracking them down the middle. Rinse out the shells and save them up. When you think you have enough empty shells, it’s time to head out into the garden with your kids. Fill each shell with paint (or even coloured water, ketchup, juice… feel free to get creative with liquids). Prop up a large sheet of paper or piece of cardboard against a fence, wall, easel, box, etc. and let your children take turns throwing the eggs against the paper/cardboard as hard as they can. Watch what happens to the paint as the eggs smash! Get your kids to talk about what happens to the different colours as they mix together on the paper.

For younger children, it may be easier to put the paper flat on the ground, have your child stand on a chair above it and drop the eggs. They’re more likely to accurately hit the paper with this method, and gravity will help with the force needed to break the eggs.

Photo courtesy of Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Photo courtesy of Made for Mums.