Invite a Tiger to Tea


6th April 2020 8:00 am

What is your child’s favourite animal? With Google’s new 3D animal feature, you can make a tiger – or lots of other animals – appear right at your kitchen table. Here’s how to do it:

1. Use your mobile or tablet to do a Google search for the animal you would like to meet (e.g. ‘tiger’).

2. In the search results, you should see a white box that says ‘Meet a life-sized tiger up close.’ In that box will be a button labelled ‘View in 3D’.

3. Once you’ve tapped the ‘View in 3D’ button, you will automatically be switched over to your phone/tablet’s camera.

4. Move your camera around a bit and, after a few seconds, a moving, breathing 3D tiger will suddenly appear on your screen, as if it was standing right in front of you.

Looking for some other animals to invite to your next family meal? Lions, penguins, pandas, hedgehogs and sharks are all favourites!