Loo Roll Easter Bunny


10th April 2020 8:00 am

The Easter Bunny may be social distancing this year so – just to be on the safe side – it might be best for your child to make their own Easter bunny! You will need the empty cardboard tube from a roll of loo roll, scissors, some paint, a cotton ball, and some glue or tape. Additionally, you may want to use some googly eyes, a black permanent marker and some Tipp-Ex.

1. Start by cutting 2 rounds off the top of the cardboard tube, each about 2cm wide.

2. Squash these rounds slightly, so they come to a point at one end. Then, cut the opposite end open.

3. Tape or glue the rounds into the top of the cardboard tube, to form bunny ears. See the photo below from EcoScrapbook.

4. Now it’s time to turn things over to your child so that they can paint their bunny. Feel free to get creative with glitter, stickers, or anything else you can think of!

5. Once your bunny is dry, paint on the eyes and face, or use a black marker and some Tipp-Ex to draw on the nose, mouth, whiskers and teeth.

6. Lastly, have your child glue a cotton ball onto the back of the cardboard tube for your bunny’s tail.