Paper Plate Ring Toss


19th April 2020 8:00 am

This game requires 2 or more paper plates, 1 or more cardboard tubes from a roll of kitchen roll, and some scissors. You might also choose to use hot glue and/or some paint.

Cut a hole in the centre of a paper plate (1 for each of your cardboard tubes) that is just large enough to slide the end of the cardboard tube through it. This is to stabilise the tube and help it remain standing. Alternatively, you can use a bit of hot glue to attach the cardboard tube to the centre of the plate, or cut the end of the tube like a fan and tape it down to the floor without a plate.

Depending on your paper plates, you may want to get your kids involved at this point. They can paint/decorate the remaining plates that will be the colourful ‘rings’ for tossing. When their artistic endeavours have dried, cut the centre out of each plate, so that only the rim remains.

Now let the games begin! Teach your child how to throw the rings frisbee-style and try to get them to land on the cardboard tubes.

Photo courtesy of From ABCs to ACTs.