Water Balloon Piñata


5th May 2020 8:00 am

Looking for a way to cool off as the days get warmer? How about a game of water balloon piñata? You will need some balloons, plenty of string, something to use as a bat (baseball bat, cricket bat, sweeping brush handle, long cardboard tube, etc.), and an open space outside to set up your game.

1. Fill your balloons with water and tie them closed. (The fuller they are, the quicker they will burst!)

2. Tie a length of string to each ballon and hang them outside. A tree branch would be ideal for this, but a patio cover, washing line, or outdoor umbrella may also work as long as they can support the weight of the water balloons. Make sure you don’t tie the balloons too high – your child needs to be able to reach them with their bat!

3. Let your kids take turns swinging the bat at the balloons and see who can pop the most!

Always supervise your child at all times with this activity, particularly when they are using the bat. Others must stand well back when someone is taking their turn.

Photo courtesy of ZiggityZoom.com