Fine Dining at Home


17th April 2020 8:00 am

We can’t go out to eat in a restaurant at the moment, so why not create one at home? Plan a special family dinner with your kids. Write out menus for the meal and let your children decorate them. Think about how you can make the meal feel fancy by offering multiple course, such as carrot sticks for a starter and fruit & yogurt for dessert. Talk to your children about making healthy food choices for the menu. Let your kids think up a silly name for your restaurant and for each item on the menu.

Get your kids involved in setting the table nicely with cutlery for each course and napkins (or kitchen roll) at every place setting. They can even make some 3D paper flowers to put in a vase as a table centrepiece and design their own placemats.

During the meal, talk about table etiquette. Let them try laying their napkin in their lap, practice saying ‘Please pass the…’ instead of reaching, and explain about using different pieces of cutlery for each course.